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A great coffee shop
A greater purpose

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Registered in 2007 Open Hands Trust
exists to provide emergency support
and care to those most vulnerable
and disadvantaged in society through
the provision of food, clothing, furniture
and skills courses

In 2015 the vision for a coffee house began
with aims to financially support the work
of Open Hands Trust, as well as giving
valuable employability skills
through work placement opportunities

March 2020 

Through staggering customer loyalty
and a bit of hopeful creativity
6 Degrees Coffee defies the odds
and presses on into it's 7th year

6 Degrees Coffee House on London Road opened in March 2016 and quickly
became known as one of the top
speciality coffee venues of Leicester,
with amazing food to match

The name is based on the theory that
any two people on the planet can be linked through a chain of no more than
6 acquaintances, and we've loved
seeing those relationships fostered
and developed here


All profits go directly to Open Hands Trust, supporting their invaluable efforts

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